I can't see any turds, lady!

August 10, 2017

Lady: Joi there seems to be lots of turds in your artwork, when did you start drawing turds?

Joi: I've never drawn a turd in my life.

Lady: Well there's one large turd in this painting just here. Actually there are two more here and one in that yellow painting.

Joi: I can't see any.

Lady: Well turn around, there are three right there!

Joi: Sorry I can't turn around my neck hurts.

Lady: Well ok. I'm sorry your neck hurts take my word for it then you have drawn at least 4 turds in this small collection of work alone.

Joi: You talk about turds a lot this is meant to be Ask An Artist anything not come on by and yap about fetishes.

Wow ask me anything was fun! I'm definitely doing that again, we got to be open and have good conversation and stuff. I love meeting new people and can't wait to one day meet @rosiebondi. Photo by Sam Whiteside. Lady pictured here not the actual lady I had this conversation with.


Marine Ross said:
What a great end to 'Somewhere Between' - a group show by Marnie Ross, Ariella Friend & Joi Murugavell at Vandal Gallery. We were joined by the MCA Young Ambassadors for an evening of "Ask 3 Artists Anything" AKA speed dating... Thanks to Art Pharmacy, MCA Young Ambassadors Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.


Some photos by Sam Whitehead.



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