Swirling around in your own head

June 19, 2017

Painting is usually not something I do with anyone around (apart from my dog Jerry Lee). Lately I've realised this means quite often my thoughts are swirling around my own head, which is not a bad thing but there's the other side to that - needing to connect the dots. Usually I connect the dots by reading, listening to talks or talking to people old style in real life.

When I think back to past exhibitions, what I'd improve on is providing a way for people to connect with me. All sorts of people, so you have the chatty folks who have no problems coming up to you for a chat. Then the reserved folks who never want to 'trouble' anyone so they shy away and also people who don't think they should be asking questions as art is seen as this 'mysterious' thing artist don't like talking about.


One way I came up with to be open or rather send out an open invite for conversation is to sit down with a chair facing me, inviting people to talk to me and ask me anything. It's more personal and the best way I can think of to overcome stranger danger myself. I'll be drawing on a small card and giving the drawing away after our chat. I'm always relaxed when I draw, so as a bonus drawing while chatting ensures I'm a lot less awkward.


So anyway these are part of my open ambition goals, I'll also be displaying a journal I've been keeping on the 11 new works I've produced for the exhibition.

Exhibition details here 


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