Kylie Walsh on wrapping

March 27, 2017

​I met an artist last year who told me she was a wrapper, Kylie Walsh is her name. I asked her what wrapping was, she was precise, it could be a trait.

What is wrapping? 

Kylie Walsh:
In thinking about the pure definition of the term 'wrapping', my mind went to this idea of concealing. To disguise, to obscure. But when I think about my art, the wrapping process is revealing. Most of the time when I start wrapping, (whilst having a general idea how I will construct the work), I really have no idea how the final piece will look, and I wrap with such urgency to see how the idea finally comes together. Therefore, the process is really exciting each time, because there is a real element of the unknown in each undertaking.

The action of wrapping is quite meditative and I often pair it with other additional stimulus: I usually wrap listening to music or a podcast, watching tv/movie, or sitting in a park. Therefore you could say wrapping is educational, fun, and special 'Kylie time'. Sometimes I work with just one piece of yarn at a time. If this is the case, I would use a ball of yarn that variegated in colour, so there is some visual interest within the patterns I make. But lately, and preferably, I work with two pieces of yarn concurrently - one running on the warp, the other crossing it on the weft. This particular technique you could say is weaving. Maybe it is? But to me, the action is wrapping, as the goal, however many strands of yarn I'm working with, is to completely wrap the surface area of my base material.

Now if you want a bit more of a technical definition of wrapping, Diane Philippoff Maurer, offers a pretty clear explanation in her fabulous book 'Fiber Arts': "In addition to being used as a finishing technique for other fiber media, wrapping can be employed alone to create fiber works. It...consists of covering a core material (or warp) with consecutive wraps, using a strand of yarn called the weft or wrapping strand." (pg 41)

Some of Kylie's wrapping below, find her on Instagram, Facebook, Etsy.

"Kylie Time" Acrylic, pen and ink on paper.




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