Sunny Singh on death

November 19, 2015


(Oodlie inspired by a chat with Sunny Singh at 3a.m. on Facebook)

Joi: Do you think about your own death much? 

Sunny Singh: No, not really...I mean I worry about dying before I have had a chance to create a significant body of work. 

And that tends to happen once in a blue moon - mostly am too busy packing in all I can in terms of living. 

I worry about other people dying - so basically everyone I love. 

Think it's because my mum's youngest sister died when I was about eight - and she was only 17. 

It was awful - she was in the hospital for nearly two months and nobody could figure out what went wrong. 

So I know how fragile life is and my dad's unit was involved in Bangladesh ops in 71 and I know how Mujib basically gave them away.

Many of those men were my friends

but for myself, not really. I'd like to die fast and painlessly if possible though 

my grandmother said that only those with great karma got painless peaceful deaths 

then again she died in her sleep and she was hell on wheels 

so may be I have a chance.



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