October 31, 2017

Size (h w d): 35 x 45 x 4 cm

Medium: Acrylic, graphite, pen on stretched canvas

October 31, 2017


Size (h w d): 35 x 35 cm

Medium: Acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel, pen on wood panel

Type: Mixed Media

We're all going on a summer holiday 
No more working for a week or two 
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday 
No more worries for me or you 
For a week or two


October 29, 2017

You really can’t question everything - Pinocchio

35 x 35 cm

Acrylic, oil stick, charcoal, thread stitch on Strathmore Paper

October 25, 2017

Village Of Laughter

open to all who see it

Acrylic, oil pastel, pen on paper


October 23, 2017

One foot 
and then the other 
You are waiting

"The Closet"

Gouache, colour pencil, pen on paper

25 x 34 cm

October 22, 2017

34 x 25 cm

Gouache, charcoal, pen on paper

October 20, 2017

There was a time 
I looked for my people 
with heaviness 
Still in search 
now with knowledge 
that I too 
am not found

29.7 x 42 cm

Acrylic, markers, pen on paper


October 20, 2017

Taking turns to speak

often mistaken for communication

Gouache, charcoal, pen on paper, 25 x 34 cm

From the series How We Spend Our Days

Cat Video by @langohr_
Music by Marco Ricciardi 

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"Joi Murugavell's bright and joyful images have been getting a lot of attention since they were launched last summer.  Following is our interview with the charming Aussie artist, where we learn more about her and the art she creates". Interview on McGAw Graphics

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